Coming up a conversation with Tax Keeping By AC – Ahngelea Bright

Coming up a conversation with Tax Keeping By AC

Tax season is around the corner are you ready? Well, I know someone who can help you get there stay tune and subscribe so don’t miss out conversation with one of Houston’s finest recordkeeping companies, “Tax Keeping By AC”.

To hold you over here a few positive money mindset tips to know:

  1. Money is a resource to accomplish Goals
  2. There’s no need to blindly waste that resource
  3. You can learn how to properly manage money
  4. Planning how to utilize your money will take you further

Trailer: Black Women in Corporate America

Trailer: Black Women in Corporate America

Araceli Avionn is a motivated leader whom mentors, coaches, and empowers others to create and obtain goals in their personal and professional lives. Her mission is to “Engage, Excite, Empower” others by utilizing her personal skillset and life lessons to reach greater heights in education and leadership.

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