#TBT – Meet Jha Allen – Digital Marketing Guru

#TBT – Meet Jha Allen – Digital Marketing Guru

Jha is a seasoned Content Strategist who teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to create strategic branded content through one-on-one consulting and coaching programs.
For the past 5 years, Jha has been defining, then redefining, the key elements to building a solid brand in our fast-paced digital world. As the Founder of her two brands, Jha Allen LLC and Connections Hub, she has implemented her self-taught skills and fiery passion in her own businesses and is now teaching Consultants, Coaches, and Public Speakers how to build their personal and business brands through various forms of online content.

Her passion lies in connecting with other people and being the missing link that connects brands to their target clients and customers. Jha is on a mission to help coaches, consultants and speakers build their brands through genuine and strategic connections.
She’s a Houston native and contributes greatly to her community through community-building activities and volunteering.

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