Meet Ahngelea Bright

Meet Ahngelea Bright

Tax-Keeping By AC specializes in virtual bookkeeping and tax services by providing small businesses insightful knowledge to increase growth and profitability.

Here’s an excerpt from her Instagram page, “One of the biggest mistakes I see small business owners make is not keeping track of all their business expenses.

Not being knowledgeable about all the legitimate business tax deductions can cost you thousands.

Having a strategy is key!


Operating expenses including web hosting, marketing and equipment.


Trailer – Common business deductions with Ahngelea Bright

Trailer – Common business deductions with Ahngelea Bright

Certified Public Bookkeeper and Tax Preparer Ahngelea Bright stops by and shares his wisdom for maximizing your financial goals. The numbers wizard gives her opinion of business expenses, healthcare and long term investment planning. More can be found here:

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Operating expenses

Operating expenses include web hosting, marketing, paraphernalia and studio costs.


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