Conversations about racism, colorism and Covid-19 in Colombia

Conversations about racism, colorism and discrimination in Colombia

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In this new episode of Bootleg Like Jazz we discuss racism, colorism and discrimination in Colombia and what that looks like during this unprecedented time.

Alexander is the founder of Radio Absurda – “Radioabsurda es una exploración a lo que somos y seremos. Afrocentrico ✊🏿”


Houston-native Traveon Dinell Rogers is a musician, performing artist, photographer and budding filmmaker who draws inspiration from thought-provoking, authentic representations of culture through multimedia content. Armed with a passionate conviction that stages and screens of all sizes are today’s most powerful educational tools, Traveon demonstrates that scholarly endeavors can be explored beyond libraries, lecture halls, and books.

Coming up – Conversations about Blackness in Colombia


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Catch a glimpse of my conversation with Colombian artist Alexander Paz and American artist Traveon Dinell Rogers as we talk about race, colorism and how it all intersects in Colombia.

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