#TBT – REWIND with Araceli Avionn – Engage, Excite and Empower

#TBT – REWIND with Araceli Avionn – Engage, Excite and Empower

Happy throwback Thursday did you miss the show with Araceli Avionn well here is your chance to watch it again. In this episode, Araceli and I discuss African-American women in Corporate America, Emotional Intelligence and more.

Araceli Avionn is a motivated leader whom mentors, coaches, and empowers others to create and obtain goals in their personal and professional lives. Her mission is to “Engage, Excite, Empower” others by utilizing her personal skillset and life lessons to reach greater heights in education and leadership.

Araceli earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the University of Houston, a Master of Business Administration from The Institute of Florida Technology and a Certification of Professional in Human Resources from HR Certification Institute. Upon graduating from the University of Houston in 2009, Araceli began her career managing in retail logistics distribution, relocating to Nashville, Tennessee for one year and ultimately find her way back to Houston to build her career in leadership.  While balancing a career and motherhood, she has transitioned into senior leadership roles within the Logistics and Manufacturing field.  Her love and passion for leading, teaching and mentoring helped to guide her to a path of following her dream of becoming an Adjunct Professor for the University of Houston Downtown. The transition allowed her to empower not only the leaders in the current workforce but inspire individuals whom are finding their passion within school and working towards building a career. 

Araceli is the proud mom of an eight-year-old son Aidan, the light in her life. She and her son love to travel the world together to which they pick a new location to share for their birthdays. One of their favorite things to do is, try new restaurants.

Araceli has been awarded in corporate leadership as a “High Performer in Leadership” amongst Senior Leaders.  She has also received the “Above and Beyond Achievement Award” for the leadership and development of her teams. An “Innovation Award” was also present to Araceli which highlights process and leadership improvements to which she has implemented

My Top Brunch List

My Top Brunch List

It’s the weekend! Happy Sunday! How many of you guys go out to brunch on the weekend? Check out my top Brunch Playlist! Houston Brunch spots are guaranteed to play these three songs 😂 What’s on your brunch playlist?

Speaking of brunch what do you like to drink? Check out the video below featuring a local mobile bartending service K Dot Kocktails

Online Businesses that require little to no money

Online Businesses that require little to no money

Drop shipping, blogging, online video, information products and affiliate marketing. What are you waiting for? Get started!!!

Watch the video below and learn how B. Doo Designs turned struggle into success!

Trailer: Craziest thing that has happened while mobile bartending from K Dot Kocktails

Trailer: Craziest thing that has happened while mobile bartending

K. Nicole Turner shares the wildest story she’s experienced as a Entrepreneur on The 7 Minutes with Q Podcast. K. Nicole Turner, 42 years old mother of 2 teenage boys. A degrees accountant and a TABC bartender. I also am 1/2 owner of total Knockout Financial Solutions. As a mixologist I enjoy crafting signature drinks for my clients. K Dot Kocktails caters to intimate and large events alike. Tomorrow she’ll share more about her signature drinks and her journey as an accountant and bartender.


Checking in…

Checking in…

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Here’s an oldie but a goodie a trailer and full episode :

Full episode available below:

Meet Boutique Owner Yvonne McCullough

Meet Boutique Owner Yvonne McCullough

Boutique Owner Yvonne McCullough was born on August 30th, 1990 in Houston Tx. SEYVNPM was created on March 20, 2017 and officially launched in April of 2017. Yvonne got the burning desire to create a brand for all shapes and sizes due to the era of “body shaming”. 

Many brands focus on skin tone, hair texture, and size which; inadvertently tell women who don’t meet that criteria, “this way is good” and “this way is bad”; which oftentimes cause women that are in the “bad” category to overcompensate negatively ie. unhealthy relationships, body dysmorphia, becoming slaves to vanity to the point we lose focus on other gifts we may have to offer to the world, etc. 

Yvonne M and The 7 Minutes With Q Podcast

SEYVNPM is here to tell women you can wear this if YOU decide you can, nobody gets to decide how Beautiful you are unless you agree, you don’t have to be uncomfortable or go through any pain to be you! 

SEYVNPM is not just a clothing brand, it’s a women empowerment movement. SEYVNPM is here to assist you in fixing your crown, detoxing from society’s standards, loving yourself, and being comfortable in anything you put on. SEYVNPM welcomes all colors, shapes, sizes, and walks of life. SEYVNPM also wants women to know there is no such thing as “too big, too small, too tall, too short” etc. What one must understand is that these are individual preferences that have nothing to do with you. The most any woman has to be is who she is. Operate unapologetically in YOU because there’s is only one of you and the world needs what you have to offer.

Yvonne M and The 7 Minutes With Q Podcast

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